Choir & Chanters

George Panagopoulos - Director

 Rosie DeSanto – Organist

Louis Anast - Chanter

St. Ignatius wrote to the church in Ephesus in the following way:

“You must every man of you join in a choir so that bring harmonious and in concord and taking the keynote of God in unison, you may sing with one voice through Jesus Christ to the Father, so that He may hear you and through your good deeds recognize that you are parts of his son.” 

In Orthodox Worship, the human voice and soul are invaluable.  Through music and song, we are witness to the faith and the range and quality of the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church and glorify God by singing our praise to Him.

We encourage any and all to join this all important ministry.  Please contact the church office, or simply report to the choir loft to speak with the director.