It is the goal and mission of the St. Nicholas Athletics ministry to:

While we want our participants to enjoy healthy competition, we do not want great emphasis placed on just winning and losing an athletic event. The importance of athletics is not whether one wins or loses, but rather the camaraderie it provides the players, parents, and parishes.

St. Nicholas has a long tradition of excellence throughout our history in athletics, especially basketball. Affirmation of those many accomplishments is displayed in the trophy cases, flanking each side of the doors of the Dr. Mary Dochios-Kamberos Community Center.

Our athletes, combined with those of our sister parish St. Spyridon, participate and compete in the Greek Orthodox Basketball League regular season games and tournaments throughout the year with grade school, high school, and biddy teams.


All children of stewards of St. Nicholas are eligible to participate each Memorial Day weekend in the Metropolis of Chicago Junior Olympics, which covers the spectrum of sports:  basketball, ping pong, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming, bowling, track & field, and even checkers and chess.  Practice is held for several weeks preceding the competition.  We encourage all to take advantage and participate in the ultimate test of sportsmanship.