Holy Communion Guidelines

Holy Communion may be received only by those who:

  • have been baptized and/or chrismated in the Orthodox Church;
  • have had their marriage blessed (if married) in the Orthodox Church;
  • have properly prepared to receive Holy Communion by prayer and fasting;
  • have participated in Holy Confession on a regular basis;
  • arrive on time for the Divine Liturgy (at the latest, before the reading of the Gospel).

In Orthodox theological perspective, participation in Holy Communion is an all-embracing event, presupposing full communion in doctrine and practice. For this reason, Orthodox Christians are not permitted to receive Communion in any Protestant or Roman Catholic Church. Likewise, Protestants and Roman Catholics are not permitted to receive Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church. When you bring visitors to the Church Services, please be sure they are aware of this practice of our Church. Only when all the churches become fully united in faith and practice will we be able to receive Holy Communion from a common chalice.