HOMER Greek School

Every Monday and  Wednesday – 4:30pm-6:30pm

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Throughout its history, HOMER has offered a variety of programs to the youth of our parish.  Our mainstream Greek School program has been the most successful and long-standing.  It is taught through traditional methods and is geared toward all children.

We see our youngest students at the beginning levels learning the phonemics of the language, letter recognition, reading, writing, and simple conversation.  Through the years we see them developing and ending with a full working knowledge of grammar, history, culture, geography, mythology and Orthodoxy.  Enhancing this experience are several cultural events celebrated during the year in organized musical and oratory performances commemorating historic, and religious holidays.  We honor “OXI” Day and have full programs for Christimas, Three HIerarchs, Greek Independence Day/Annunciation and the End of the Year.

Our instructors are sensitive to the constraints on students’ time in regards to their involvement in extra-curricular activities.  They are more than willing to accommodate each child’s schedule to compliment their involvement in sports, music or any other activities.

Our instructors will meet with each parent before beginning the program and address what the goals for their child are, and concentrate on those areas.  In working together with the parents, teachers will be able to help meet those benchmarks.

Our program is fully supported by a very active Parent-Teacher Organization, which provides every aspect of supplemental support to the teachers and students.

We encourage all to make the commitment to our Greek Orthodox heritage and expose and enlighten their children through this all-important ministry by enrolling them in the 2015-16 school year.  Please contact the church office or e-mail us through the “Contact Us” page of this website with any questions.

Benefits of Learning Greek
Educational research shows that exposure to two languages creates cognitive and social gains at an early age, a high motivation for all learning, and increases SAT scores by an average of 38% in English and 31% in mathematics. It also increases and broadens awareness and acceptance of other cultures, in a fast-expanding global market.

Specifically studying Greek:

  • demands mental effort
  • trains the mind to observe detail, recognize patterns and draw conclusions.
  • creates a better mastery of the English language  and understanding of its structure, since 65% of English is derived from the Greek (75% of the science/technical vocabularies)
  • enhances sense of pride and self-worth in a multi-cultural society.
  • prepares for the in-depth study of God’s Word through the Holy Gospels and better understanding of the liturgics in the Orthodox Church,  in their original written language!

For stewards , the tuition schedule is:  $500 annually for the first child and $250 for each additional child. Non-stewards:  $750 annually for the first childe and $500 for each additional child.

The St. Nicholas “HOMER” Greek Language and Cultural School has been educating our community’s Greek American children since the inception of our parish in 1927.  It continues to serve today’s generation in keeping our Hellenic language and culture vibrant in our midst.

HOMER Instructors

Mrs. Vaia Makris

Ms. Panayiota Bozionelos

HOMER PTO 2018-19
Katherine Danaher